All About Weight Watchers!

Have you been wanting to lose weight forever but really haven’t figured out an efficient way to go about it? I know I have. About 2 months ago I came across Mallory Ervin, a youtuber I consistently watch, she posted a video (linked above if you click on her name) all about losing weight quickly in a healthy way, so obviously I was intrigued. Next, one of my favorite youtubers Learning To Be Fearless, mentioned in her vlogs all about how she started Weight Watchers as well , so this really got me thinking. I just had to try it! Luckily I have a HUGE support system, my mom and sister both joined with me so it’s awesome having them along this journey with me! We all joined on or around Easter this year (April 16, 2017) so we are almost 8 weeks in now and it is going well for all of us!!

So I’m almost positive that anyone reading this right now has heard of Weight Watchers, right? But what exactly is it or how does it actually work? Well it is based on a point system, while they have always used points to track the food you eat, they reformulated their program and am now using SmartPoints. Each food is given a certain point value based upon its nutritional value. Foods with higher fat content and sugar will have higher smartpoint value and foods with higher protein content, low/no sugar, and low/no fat and lower smartpoint values. The thing I absolutely LOVE about this program is NO FOOD IS OFF LIMITS,  yes, that’s right you can literally eat what you want! However, on days that you eat high smartpoint foods you will be eating less food throughout the day, possibly leaving you hungrier that you would normally be. But, if you eat lower smartpoint foods throughout the day full of protein and healthy things you will definitely feel more satisfied and not really deprived at the end of the day. The thing I think I love most about this plan is that whole (not blended) fruit and most veggies have a ZERO SMARTPOINT VALUE, meaning if you have a day where you eat food with higher points but are still super hungry, you can literally eat fruits or veggies to fulfill that hunger without going over your daily points! How awesome is that?!

So how about the cost? I currently am doing the OnlinePlus plan, meaning that I am solely using the app for my “diet” so I cannot really speak on any other plans. The plan I am on right now costs me $19.95 a month which can add up but I actually canceled one of my beauty box subscriptions and replaced it with this cause girl, health is more important! You only get one body girlfriend, cherish it! The app comes with all the support and tools you need to get you started and to be successful! You get to choose your weekly weigh in day which I really like because I tend to “splurge” on my points on weekends #treatyoself.

Never once in the almost 2 months I’ve been on this diet have I felt truly like I am missing out or deprived of anything. There are TONS of alternatives for sweets and what not out there. That’s the part that I find most fun about all of this, finding foods low in points that are satisfying, it is now like my goal in life now, haha! Also, since beginning Weight Watchers 6 weeks ago, I have lost 12 lbs. Because I want to be pretty transparent with everyone, there was about two weeks that I did not lose any weight which did suck (didn’t gain weight either though!), but it really helps you figure out what you need to do differently in order to get the best results! It turns out that my period was the culprit of the awful two weeks but you know what? Sh*t happens! I could literally go on and on about how much I love this plan, seriously. I never thought I would be one of those people who could actually stick with a diet let alone a lifestyle such as this cause your girl LOVES food, clearly… and actually RAVE about a diet, who am I? New year, new me?

My advice for you if you are planning to get started is TRACK, TRACK, TRACK, seriously! Also, a food scaleis a must and Premier Protein Shakes! are the, so yummy and 30g of protein for TWO SMARTPOINTS!!! I linked my favorite flavors because you all seriously need them!

This is the first of many Weight Watchers posts from me while tracking my progress so I hope you enjoyed! Remember any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below!

I wanted to post a picture of myself close to when I started this journey just so we can really see my progress down the line!

Talk to y’all soon



*The premier protein and food scale links are affiliate links*


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