How He Asked!!!

* Warning VERY long post ahead*

So let’s start this story off by letting you all know (in case you didn’t already know) we LOVE Disney. Like we’re actually obsessed! I have always loved Disney for as long as I can remember but fell even more in love when I moved down there for my Disney College Program in the Fall of 2014. Tony (my Fiancé) had never been before I lived there. While I was down there, he came to visit me twice and literally from his first steps on property he fell in love, and probably is even more obsessed than I am 😉.  So when I moved to Florida, Tony and I had been together about 2.5/3 years at that point so marriage had came up many times  throughout my whole time there he’d always say  “One day I’m going to propose to you here.” I never really believed him but it was a nice thought that’s for sure!

Fast forward to February 2016, we decided that’s we were going to take our first trip down to Walt Disney World since my College Program ended. I literally couldn’t have been more excited. Further more, it was our first trip on our own completely with out any of our parents help (monetarily) so we were very proud of ourselves.  So leading up to our trip SO many people asked me if I thought Tony would propose while down there and I would just say no because I didn’t wanna get my hopes up and then get disappointed. He even told me not to expect it this trip cause we just couldn’t afford that and the trip at that time. So I completely thought it was off the table for sure.

So two weeks before our trip Tony received my ring in the mail and headed over to ask my parents for their blessing… meanwhile I still had no clue. May 7th we left for our 20 hour drive from Michigan to Orlando, FL. It was weird as soon as we set out on our journey something felt different to me, good different. We felt closer than ever before and more connected almost and I really couldn’t figure out why. So we drove and drove, or rather Tony drove and drove (he did most of the driving, God bless that man😍) we drove through the night and reached Orlando at about 8am, checked into our hotel and PASSED OUT! When we got up we decided to  go to Disney Springs to get some food and explore since it had changed so much since the last time we had been there.  We got my favorite from Earl of Sandwich,  the holiday turkey sandwich, it was delicious as always!

We then explored and went resort hopping, we ended up at Disney’s Port Orleans-Riverside resort. There we had Beignets on the patio and it was absolutely amazing! 

Fast forward to Tuesday May 10th, my birthday! We had reservations at Kona Cafe in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort,  I was so excited because I had never been but had heard nothing but great things about it. I had to order the Tonga toast and they brought me cupcakes as well! 

After breakfast, we headed over to Epcot with the full intention of “Drinking around the world”  for my birthday but it was WAY too hot for that so we rode a few rides and walk around the world showcase and then headed back to our room to change and relax before dinner and Magic Kingdom that evening.  So when we got back to our room I instantly put comfy clothes on and Tony went to the car to get my “present”. He told me before he left that it was really big so when he knocked I needed to open the door cause he wouldn’t be able to. So the time came and he knocked on the door and me being the most oblivious person ever, I open the door as wide as it can go and he wasn’t coming through the door so I’m thinking to myself  “what the hell?!” So I look and HE IS DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND ASKS ME TO BE HIS WIFE!!!! I don’t really remember what else happens after that other than lots of tears and phone calls! So to celebrate we got pizza 😂 and went to Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes nighttime spectacular! I tried to take the typical ring pic in front of the castle but it did not turn out at all!

The next day we went to Animal Kingdom in the morning and got some cute pictures, Mickey bar, and our makeshift “Just Engaged” buttons!

That evening we had dinner reservations at Be our Guest at Magic Kingdom which was so exciting because it’s so hard to get reservations let alone at dinner time! So that was our engagement celebration💕

Thats all for now friends, stay tuned and i’ll post a follow up post about the rest of our trip soon including our awesome “Magical Moment” 🙂



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