All About My Engagement Ring!

So since being engaged I have been asked so many times about my engagement ring since it isn’t your run of the mill “normal” diamond ring that you’d expect an engagement ring to be.  I have an Oval cut 10×8 Morganite stone in a rose gold, halo, half eternity band setting. And it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen 😍.

So originally I came across a ring similar to mine on Pinterest while I was pinning rings I liked. I immediately was in love with this color and style. Then I found Alexandrea Garza on YouTube and she has a rose gold morganite ring and I fell even more in love with the ring! I love this ring especially the morganite because it’s so unlike anyone else’s I’ve seen. Morganite is a crystal of divine love, also it is supposed to bring hearings, compassion, assurance, and promise. I love the fact that it is so eye-catching and has a beautiful deeper meaning as well! So once sending Tony a few different styles of rings I liked, he ultimately made the decision on which one. I’m so happy he chose the oval cut stone because it was my favorite all along and it’s very unique and timeless all in one! Can you tell I’m obsessed?!

Per Alex Garza’s review and recommendation he ended up going through SamNSue jewelers. They are a family owned jeweler and are based in California. Tony has said they were awesome through the whole process and shipped my ring in a safe box and everything was on time as expected! We plan to purchase my wedding bands from them as well! I will update with them when we move forward with the purchase!

Any questions about my ring or the care of it feel free to ask below and I will answer in a new post!

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